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  • Does Mobile app development really benefit businesses

    Smart phones have become an integral part of people’s lives and it has gone to an extent that our day to day operations depends on them. The arrival of smart phones, tablets have made many things easier like surfing internet, checking emails, ordering food, buying tickets and even shopping, as

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  • Rigorous Mobile app testing to improve User experience

    Mobile App users expect the applications to be simple and fast. To satisfy the desires of this sort of users we need to test the app thoroughly before introducing it to the public. The mobile app must be tested for all uneven states a user will put it through. We

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  • Best working strategies for Mobile App Marketing

    Mobile App Marketing – The most sought word in today’s technology world from business to entertainment. Mobile app development is one simplest and powerful way to reach potential customers. Developing a mobile app involves various levels from planning to delivery. Basically a product is delivered based on the requirements from users.

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  • IOT & BOT the new age trends

    According to a recent study, approximately smartphone users now are 4.61 billion and predicted to grow as 4.77 billion. As the mobile app development industry evolves, continuous emergence of newer cutting-edge technologies also takes a vital role, the latest buzzwords of the technology are “Internet of Things” and “Bots”. With

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  • Android app privacy policy Need and Significance

    Privacy Policies are not all alike, it differs for every individual product/service, especially for mobile apps there are numerous ways that cause a missing clause or a mismatch between with the legal documents and also the apps privacy policy. Quite a few ubiquitous and successful mobile apps have faced many

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  • Reasons to Go with Hybrid Mobile App Development

    People today are becoming smart and even smarter with their smartphones as they can do many things on the go such as bill payments, money transactions, social networking, reading e-mails, watching movies and plenty of other activities. Mobile applications and mobile technology are the centre attention in the smart world,

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  • Android 7.1.1 Updates and features

    Technology is the only means that now brings the world closer together and help to solve many of our day-to-day challenges.  In every phase, technology evokes a range of emotions in people from all walks of life.  Android, the hot trending mobile operating system developed by Google used in several

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  • Mobile first and its significance

    In today’s age, the way in which smartphones are being used is changing rigorously and its usage is becoming increased to perform tasks that previously required a computer. As a drastic transition, many users started depending on mobile apps & mobile softwares to search for their every online requirement. Also

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  • FCM for instant message sharing

    In today’s technology age communication is becoming easier and Instant messaging helps in bringing real-time communication between two people in any part of the world without having to pay other additional charges associated with using the phone. Even many companies offer instant messaging tools to help their executives and have

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  • Top essential Animations for Mobile app

    According to a recent statistical data Over half of the mobile app users say a poor mobile app experience would make them less likely to buy or use a company’s products or services. User engagement and experience is significant for many businesses as it drives an interaction between the person

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