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Angler successfully developed a Multilingual offline mobile app for farmers in rural areas

In this technology driven world, mobile phones have a crucial place in the lives of people. With the growing number of smartphones, there is an increase in the demand for mobile apps. Companies that have mobile websites are gradually moving to smartphone apps because of numerous advantages. In this regard, the first and the foremost benefit of having an app for your business is that with an app, your business is always visible to your customers and you are able to create a direct marketing channel between your business and your customers. With the growing demand for apps, the need for mobile app developers in USA is growing at an exponential rate

ANGLER the most preferred mobile app development solution provider on their new ways of exploring trends and latest methodologies have paved the ways in developing Multilingual offline mobile app for farmers in rural areas. Our app development always focuses on targeting every customer and in such a way recently Multilingual application has been developed with main objective discussed below.,

  • App developed for farmers in rural area
  • Multilingual provision which will support 4 language including menus, labels and data
  • Works completely offline
  • Product and video view on offline
  • Option for the user to select 2 languages at a time
  • App works offline with selected languages
  • Attractive Weather forecast screen
  • Platform to share their queries

Start doing your right mobile math. Engaged users = the right ROI. Accomplish your app desires by making ideal combinations of images, fonts, colours and animations with Mobile app outsourcing.

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