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Xamarin is a cross platform and open source .NET framework, specifically designed to break barrier in developing native mobile applications for Linux operating system. Xamarin is a platform independent technology that can run across several operating systems, including iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and Solaris.

Xamarin’s cross-platform development products include MonoTouch (MonoTouch Professional 5.0) and Monodroid (Mono for Android 1.0), provide the power of the .NET frameworks that millions of developers already use, along with complete access to all native APIs and UI toolkits for iOS and Android. This allows you to create truly unique native experiences on each operating system.

Mono Touch (for iOS)

Mono is a framework that will allow third party developers to build native Android / iOS application in C #. Mono Touch offers comprehensive bindings for UI Kit and other iOS platform APIs, making it possible to build fully native looking applications with standard user interface elements.

MonoTouch allows developers to create C# and .NET based applications that run on the iPhone. It is based on the Mono Framework and developed in conjunction with Novell. Unlike Mono applications MonoTouch “Apps” are compiled down to machine code targeted specifically at the apple iPhone. This is necessary because the iPhone kernel prevents just-in-time compilers from executing on the device.

Monodroid (Mono for Android)

Monodroid (Mono for Android) integrates with Visual Studio on Windows and MonoDevelop and Mac OS X, providing tooling support and other functionality that simplifies the development and deployment process.

Mono Framework provides the benefits of the both software developer friendly Integrated Development Environment (IDE) with Software Development Toolkit (SDK) and open source advantage of Zero TCO to businesses.

Our Xamarin Technology Skill Sets

  • Customized mobile app development using HTML5 and JavaScript
  • Easy access to native APIs with Mono Touch and Monodroid
  • Build better quality iPhone / iPad and Android apps faster and easier than available else where
  • Hassle-free deployment of mobile app on any device
  • Cross-platform support for Linux, Windows, Mac OSX and Solaris
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