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Trinetra uses industry-leading mobile & web technologies to bring you the highest quality of GPS Tracking & Mobility Solution for your business, both for people-tracking & vehicle tracking requirements.

This innovative combination of Mobile App & our award-winning Web-based cloud platform is useful for you to track people or vehicles easily and provides valuable information such as Location, Speed, Distance traveled & much more.

Once the Mobile App is downloaded & installed, relevant information from the app is transmitted in real-time over GPRS to our cloud servers. The authorized users have access to login and view data on a web-based cloud platform integrated with digital maps.

The Trinetra cloud platform has features like Dashboard, Monitor, History, Landmarks, Alarms & more. Intelligent reports are available for analysis and decision making, which can be exported to pdf, word or excel.

Applications for Trinetra mobile app & web platform are wide & varied, including Salesman Tracking, Field Force Tracking, Service Team Tracking, Personal Tracking, Child Safety Tracking, People Tracking, Outsourced Fleet Tracking, Vehicle Tracking & much more.

Custom mobile app development & integration can be done to empower your Field Force to enter Customer/Dealer sales visit details, review Inventory & enable Order Placement in real-time, update Service Visit Report, record answers for Survey Questions & much more.

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